Aug. 9, 2019

Homes for $500k 8-9-19

51-636 Kamehameha Highway Unit #421

Type: Condo/Townhouse (Foreclosure)

Price: $395,000

Bed/Bath: 2/2

House: 995 sqft

Land: n/a

53-012 Pokiwai Place Unit A

Type: Single Family

Price: $520,000

Bed/Bath: 3/1

House: 864 sqft

Land: 7,999 sqft

56-362 Peawini Place

Type: Single Family 

Price: $600,000

Bed/Bath: 2/1

House: 888 sqft

Land: 4,857 sqft

53-014 Pokiwai Place Unit A

Type: Single Family

Price: $539,000

Bed/Bath: 3/1

House: 866 sqft

Land: 7,953 sqft

57-091 Lalo Kuilima Place Unit 47

Type: Condo/Townhouse

Price: $539,900

Bed/Bath: 1/2

House: 875 sqft

Land: n/a


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Aug. 8, 2019

Beach Profiles: Hale'iwa


Beach Profiles: Hale'iwa Beach Park

Hale'iwa or "home of the 'iwa bird" was named after the Hale'iwa hotel which was constructed in the mid 1800's. Hale'iwa Beach Park was dedicated in 1939 as Waialua Beach Park but was later changed upon the community's request.  The beach park is fronted by a narrow white sand beach with rocky shallow terrain within the water. The beach park is commonly used by canoe paddlers, kayakers, and surfers as an access into deeper waters. 


Amenities: parking, picnic tables, restrooms, showers

Activities: fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming

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Aug. 1, 2019

Beach profiles: Pupukea

Pupukea Beach Park

Pupukea Beach Park is a long and narrow eighty acre beach park with a rocky shore.   Pupukea in Hawaiian translates to "white shell" which could be due to the many white shells that can be found on these beaches.  Two small pocket beaches lie within the rocks at either end of the park; Three Tables to the north, and Shark's Cove to the south.  It is popular belief that Shark's Cove got it's name from a near by reef that resembles a shark when seen from above while Three Tables were named for the three sections of flat reef that emerge from the water. 


Amenities: parking, restrooms, showers

Activities: fishing, scuba, snorkeling, surfing, swimming

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July 25, 2019

Beach Profiles: Sunset

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach got it's name in the early 1920's when lots between Paumalu and Pupukea were subdivided and put up for sale as the Pupukea-Paumalu Tract. The two mile tract included all of the beach front property from Sunset Point to Pupukea beach park and was promoted as the Sunset Tract after the beautiful sunsets in the area. This name later evolved into Sunset Beach which is believed to be a direct result from the promotion.


Amenities: parking, restrooms, showers

Activities: fishing, surfing, swimming

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July 18, 2019

Beach Profiles: Kahuku

Kahuku Point

Kaihalulu or "roaring sea" is a long curving sand beach near Turtle Bay Resort. To the east lies a limestone point named Kalaeokauna'oa or "the point of the snail" which was named after the many una'oa (tube worm) which frequent the area. Also known as Kahuku point, this is the northernmost point on Oahu.


Amenities: parking, restrooms, showers

Activities: swimming, fishing

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July 11, 2019

Beach Profiles: Laie Point

La'ie point

La'ie point or Laniloa is a section of land which is made out of coral and limestone and protrudes into the sea.  In Hawaiian legend this point was a mo’o (lizard) standing upright ready to kill anyone who passes by. This mo’o killed a lot of people until a man named Kanaka and his brother killed the lizard and cut it into 5 pieces and threw them into the ocean.  These pieces are believed to be the 5 islands which boarder Laie’s coast today.

Amenities: none

Activities: Fishing

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July 4, 2019

Beach Profiles: Hau'ula

Hau'ula Beach Park

During the summer months the hau flower blooms and eventually turns red. This is said to be how Hau'ula got it's name as it directly translates to "red hau". In the early 1920s 9 acres of beachfront property were designated for a park and eventually became Hau'ula beach park. A narrow sand beach fronts the park with a large shallow reef just north of it.  Offshore, the terrain is said to be rocky with small patch reefs as you continue further out.

Amenities: parking, restroom, showers

Activities: fishing, surfing, swimming

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June 28, 2019

Everything you need to know about Bill 89


On June 17th, the city council unanimously voted to pass bill 89 which will enact new regulations on short term rentals.  Beginning August 1st, unlicensed homes who advertise as a short term rental (less than 30 days) could receive fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per day.  For first time offenders, no fine will be imposed if their advertisement is removed within 7 days. This bill also limits the amount of new B&Bs in non-resort areas and can not exceed 0.5% of the total number of units per region.

B&B limits by area


Under bill 89 hosting platforms such as Airbnb or Expedia will be required to submit monthly reports to the Department of Planing and Permitting which will share the information with the city council.  Registration will begin no sooner than October 1, 2020 and will be on a first come first served basis.  The initial registration fee will be $1,000 with the yearly renewal fee being $2,000. If the number of requests exceeds the limit for DPA a lottery will be held. 

Some other notable requirements are:

  • Applicants must be "natural persons" and not an organization or company
  • Applicants must have a home exemption granted under real property tax law
  • There must be insurance coverage for bed and breakfast use
  • No more than 2 bedrooms can be used for visitor accommodations
  • Quiet hours must be observed between 10pm and 8am
  • Homeowners or apartment owners association approval must be obtained
  • Neighbors within 250 feet must be given a phone number to contact to make complaints 24 hours a day. 


For more information contact the Department of Planning and Permitting:


Twitter: @hnl_dpp


Advertising Restrictions: 768-8127

Registration Process: 768-8127

General Zoning Information: 768-8252

Make a complaint: 768-8127

Public Information Officer: 768-8284



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June 27, 2019

Beach Profiles: Punalu'u


Punalu'u housed one of the most famous temples in the Ko'olauloa district.  Located near the present day beach park, legend says that on sacred nights all of the pig's eyes would glow red if they were near the heau.  In Hawaiian, Punalu'u translates to "to dive for coral" which could have been named due to the abundance of coral just off shore.  Punalu'u beach park is a 3 acre park with a long narrow sandy beach. Large boulders were placed near the park to help prevent erosion from neighboring streams. 


Amenities: picnic tables, restrooms, showers

Activities: fishing, snorkeling, swimming

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June 20, 2019

Beach Profiles: Kahana

Kahana Bay

Kahana bay was once famous for Akule or "big eye scad". Spotters posted on high ridges overlooking the ocean would direct the fishermen below by signaling with their arms to tell them where the fish were moving. The calm waters of Kahana were ideal for this style of surround net fishing. Traditionally everyone in the valley would help pull nets ashore and would receive part of the catch in return. Fishermen would also share their catch with the elderly or people who could no longer help as they believed it would bring good fortune for their next catch. Between the boat ramp and Kahana stream used to be home to a fishing shrine dedicated to Akule which was called Kapa'ele'ele or "black tapa".


Amenities: parking, restrooms, showers, boat ramp

Activities: boating, surfing, fishing, swimming, camping

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