June 13, 2019

Beach Profiles: Ka'a'awa

Ka'a'awa Beach Park

In the Hawaiian language Ka'a'awa translates to "the yellow wrasse fish".  Fishermen with poles and spears would regularly meet at Ka'a'awa beach park to gather 'A'awa fish which were once abundant here. Ka'a'awa beach park is a two acre piece of land that rests between Kamehameha highway and the ocean. A narrow sand beach fronts the park, with a shallow offshore reef.  



parking, picnic tables, restrooms, showers



fishing, swimming, camping

Swanzy Beach park

During the 1920s Julie Swanzy inherited the lands of Kualoa and Ka'a'wa from her father Dr. Gerrit Judd and donated five acres of beachfront property in Ka'a'awa  to the City and County of Honolulu to construct a park.  In the 1950s, the park was named after Julie to recognize her generosity.  A high Masonry seawall borders the edge of the park to protect it from erosion. A narrow beach lies in front of the wall and is only visible during lower tides while offshore is a mix of sand, small rocks, and occasional shallow reefs. 



parking, picnic tables, restrooms, showers



fishing, swimming, camping, playground 


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June 5, 2019

The 3 Home Pricing Strategies and Which One to Avoid


By: Jeremy Moncur


The most important decision you make when selling your house is the sale price. Whether your main priority is getting top dollar or selling as quickly as possible, pricing is still your central decision.


When it comes to pricing, there are three main strategies: overpricing, pricing at market value and under pricing.


To visualize the effects of pricing, I looked at over 1000 single family homes sold on Oahu over the last six months (from $900,000 dollars and under) along with all current listings with the same price cap. The following graphs show the correlations between list price, sold price and DOM.


While this isn’t completely reliable info since have we no idea which homes these were and what conditions surrounded the sales, it still demonstrate a few trends to keep a tight grip on when pricing your home.



Many homeowners think that overpricing will give them wiggle room to negotiate. Honestly, I don’t blame them. Because why not see how much you can get, right? Well, in reality, overpricing exposes your property to a smaller crowd, takes longer to sell and often results in a lower sale price.


I call overpricing, the “anti-strategy.” In the chart below we see that the highest priced properties are also the ones that sit on the market the longest.  In contrast, the properties that sold quicker we’re priced pretty close to their final sales price.


If you're serious about selling quickly and for the highest amount, I wouldn't recommend overpricing your home.

Price vs. Days on Market


Pricing at Market Value


This is the method most Realtor’s encourage. A well priced home should generate interest right away and typically takes no more than a month or so to get offers on. In certain areas of the island where demand is higher, even that is longer than it should take.  


This holds mostly true even in country areas where the market’s a bit slower. I recently listed a nice older house for $549,000. It’s a 3 bed / 1 bath, 1000 sqft house with a 5,000 sqft lot. Not to pat myself on the back too much, but that price was right on the mark. We had showings most days and got an offer just over our asking price on day 14. And now, a month into our escrow, I still get agents checking in to see if there’s a possibility it might become available again.


Pricing right is a safe and smart move.

Under Pricing


This is the other strategy sellers use. It can seem risky, just like starting an ebay listing for your used cell phone at $0.99. But, starting at a lower price tends to attract more attention. In fact, underpriced properties are meant to create a bidding war atmosphere. And, if done well, they often work. More often than not, this leads to a fast sale over the asking price.


This can be especially useful in a buyer’s market, where seller’s have to find a way to stand out from the competition.  Pricing just a bit below your competition can be the secret to getting the sale you need.


The next two charts show the relationship between the length of time a property sits on the market and the price it sells for. Again, not 100% reliable as there are a lot of factors in each sale, but the general trend seems to ring true. The longer your home sits on the market the less you'll get relative to your asking price.


DOM vs. List Price vs. Sold Price

*Days on market is a great indicator of a houses pricing strategy.  The ones that sold in under 22 days priced their home very close or even slightly under market value.  The ones that approached that 45 days and over period were over priced and sold for less relative to their asking price.


DOM vs. Difference Between List and Sale Price

*Just another way to view the graph above this one.  Here, we see how under pricing tends to get a higher sale price in a short amount of time whereas over pricing delays a sale and gets a lower price relative to the asking price of the property.

And Now What?


Hopefully this data gives you some good insights into pricing your home when the time comes. The only question left is what is your home worth?


We’ll that’s a different post and it’s coming soon so stay tuned!



Jeremy Moncur, MBA/RA


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April 30, 2019

Kualoa Moolelo

Photo Credit: Dominic Piperata

Kualoa Mo’olelo

Towards the end of Kualoa Point there was a pond which a strange demi god in the form of a shark lived.  This demi god was sheltered and fed as the people of Kualoa were his friends. Fish were plentiful in the pond and as long as they fed him he was gentle and kind towards humans and fiercely hostile towards other sharks.  For many years the villagers fed him and the demi god kept the area safe from any unfriendly sharks.

One day a new chief came, a man with a stingy and petty soul.  He flatly refused to feed the shark for he claimed that the fish were his by right.  Enraged by the greed of the presumptuous chief the shark god summoned a massive tidal wave and flooded the land.  The villagers were able to escape but the pond as well as the selfish chief were gone.


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April 23, 2019

Hauula Mo'olelo

Photo Credit: Podge Elvenstar

Mo'olelo O Ha'uula 

One day Kane and Kanaloa were passing through Kaipapau in Hauula when they came across one of their trusted Kahuna. They warned him that if he heard a loud noise on the beach not to go down and be the first to investigate it but to instead ask around to see what it is first; if it’s a shark or large fish he was told to remain home.  A few days passed and a large wave swept a big whale onto the shore with its tail facing the ocean and its head facing the sea.  The people came to see the whale and thought it was dead so they played on its back and jumped off its head into the ocean.  The Kahuna heard the laughter of people on the beach and left his home to investigate.  Once he got to the beach he completely forgot of the god’s warning and began to climb the tail of the whale which began to slowly move as he neared the whale’s back.   The Kahuna leaps off of the whale’s head into the ocean as others cheered him on.  He returned to the beach and for a second time climbed up on the whale and leaped off of its head.  Before the Kahuna reached the water the whale caught him in its mouth and carried him away to Tahiti.

To this day, there is a piece of land near the ocean in Hauula with the name “Ka-lae-o-ka-paloa” which translates to “the cape of the whale”.


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April 21, 2019

8 Ocean Animals You Want To Avoid At All Costs


8 Ocean Animals You Want To Avoid At All Costs



Picture Credit:earthsky.org

When you think of dangerous ocean animals one of the first that comes to mind is sharks, it’s no wonder with a yearly average of 2 to 3 attacks most of which aren’t fatal.  According to NOAA, in general sharks do not eat humans and only attack humans when they are curious or confused. According to experts, the best way to reduce your chances of a shark attack is to swim in groups, avoid swimming at night, don’t wear shiny jewelry, and to stay away from murky water.

Sea Urchins


Picture Credit: waikikiaquarium.org/

Sea Urchins otherwise known as Wana typically come in different shapes and sizes but should be avoided at all costs.  These animals are covered in spikes and some species even produce poison.  Sea Urchins are most commonly found tucked in between reefs.  People often mistakenly step on them or brush into them while swimming which can be difficult to remove as their spines can be very brittle.

Portuguese Man O War

Picture Credit: mentalfloss.com

Portuguese Man O War are commonly found throughout Hawaii and are often mistaken for bubbles floating in the ocean.  Though they look like a jellyfish, they are actually a type of siphonophore which is a group of animals who work together as one.  It’s deep blue tentacles are known to produce a painful sting which is typically non-fatal to humans but can paralyze or even kill small fish. 


Picture Credit: keliiskayak.com

Stingrays are typically considered to be docile animals but can be extremely dangerous when harassed.  You can spot these animals near rocks, coral reefs, or sandy areas.  Most stingray related injuries are due to people accidentally stepping on them or entering their territory.  Stingrays have a very sharp barb which they use to feed on fish, mollusks, worms, and crabs.



Picture Credit: scubafish.com

Eels are amazing creatures with long snake like bodies and large pointy teeth. Eels mostly feed on fish, crabs, and mollusks and can be found in rocks, coral reefs, or crevices. Even though eels are typically not poisonous, it’s extremely important to clean out the wound thoroughly if you are bitten as their mucous can contain toxins which can easily cause it to become infected.

Box Jellyfish

Photo Credit: hawaii-aloha.com

Around the world nearly 100 people each year die from box jellyfish stings.  Box jellyfish are often a fear of most beach goers as they are practically impossible to see and are found during unusually windy conditions.  Though their sting is extremely painful it’s able to be remedied by pouring first salt water and then vinegar on the infected area. While you can wear protective clothing like a wet suit to prevent being stung, the best way to avoid box jellyfish is to take caution to warning signs that are often posted on beaches.


Photo Credit: hawaiimarlinfishing.com

Barracudas are scavengers and opportunistic hunters with large teeth and a sleek build which are known to remain perfectly still and spy on you from a distance.  Just like sharks, some species of barracuda are known to be dangerous to swimmers and beach goers.  Though rare, barracudas can sometimes attack humans if they see something attractive (like something shiny) or if the water has poor visibility. 

Scorpion Fish/Lion Fish

Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

Scorpion Fish and Lion Fish are some of the coolest looking fish that Hawaii has to offer.  You can tell just by looking at their red, yellow, and orange colors that these fish aren’t ones to mess with!  These fish are often found in reefs and use their powerful venom in their spines to protect themselves against potential predators.  Even though they aren’t know to be aggressive towards humans, people often get hurt by these fish by accidentally stepping on them.


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April 20, 2019

Punalu'u Mo'olelo

Photo Credit: livemint.com

Mo'olelo of Punalu'u Stream

Kane and Kanaloa came in disguise to a little grass shack that stood next to Punalu'u Stream.  Two fishermen greeted them and offered them to come inside and have something to eat.  They gladly accepted and took a seat on the lauhala mat laid out in the center of the room. The fishermen left for a moment then returned with fresh fruit and poi which they laid in front of them. One of the fishermen said "we would have offered you fish but our nets have been empty for days”.  As they sat, the fishermen begin a prayer for the meal one of the visitors asked "which gods do you pray to?" which the fishermen replied "Kane and Kanaloa"; the visitors said nothing and continued their meal.  A few minutes later, Kane could no longer keep his silence and said at last "You surely need some fish".  The fishermen stood up and insisted the visitors to continue their meal while they try to lay their nets again. The visitors stood up also and said "we will go with you".  They arrive at the stream and begin chanting "E inu, e inu i ka wai kukae iole".  After a few moments to their surprise they saw the stream fill with fish.  Before they could say thank you Kane and Kanaloa were nowhere to be found.  Some fishermen to this day still chant the words "E inu, e inu i ka wai kukae iloe" while they fish in hopes that they too will also have luck with fish.

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April 19, 2019

Ancient Historical Sites on Oahus North Shore


Ke Iki Beach Petroglyphs

Photo Credit: Mike Krzywonski

Every so often when the surf is big you may be able to spot petroglyphs carved in the lava rock near the water’s edge. Not much is known about these petroglyphs as they are only seen on rare occasions but experts say that they could easily be hundreds of years old and were made by chipping slowly away at the rock with stone tools.

Pohaku Lanai

Photo Credit: Danielle M

In Haleiwa Beach Park lies two abnormally large limestone rocks balancing on top of each other.  Ancient Hawaiians believe that it floated ashore from the island of Kahiki (Tahiti).  It’s believed that Fishermen used the rock as a lookout point and would beat the stone with a wooden mallet when they spotted fish resulting in a hollow sound which would signal the other fishermen to gather.

Pu'u o Mahuka Heiau

Photo Credit: megalithic.co.uk

Constructed in the early 17th century, Pu’u O Mahuka is the largest known heiau on the island of Oahu.  Originally it is thought to be constructed to worship the war god Kukailimoku but it has had many uses over the years to fit the needs of the ali’i nui in charge.  

Haleiwa Fishpond

Photo Credit: historichawaii.org

The fishpond in Haleiwa known as Loko Ea is a rare and significant cultural site.  Fishponds were essential to ancient Hawaiians as it provided them with an abundance of fish without having to hunt for them.  Due to development and damages from the elements there aren’t many fishponds left on Oahu but there are volunteer groups working to restore the ones that remain.


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April 18, 2019

5 Famous Football Players from Kahuku High School




5 Famous Football Players from Kahuku High School


For a high school way out in the country of northern Oahu, Kahuku High School has produced some outstanding athletes especially in the football scene.  Here are a few distinguished players and their accomplishments throughout their career.


Chris Kemoeatu

Photo Credit: wikimedia.org

Uikelotu Christopher Kemoeatu was drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005 and played as a guard until 2011.  Upon winning Super Bowl XLIII, Kemoeatu was re-signed to the Steelers where he played a total of 75 games throughout his career 53 of which he started.


Leonard Peters

Photo Credit: hawaiiathletics.com

Leonard Peters started his career at the University of Hawaii where he played as a defensive back.  During his time there he made a total of 290 tackles, 20 passes, and 7 interceptions.  Peters was then signed by the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent, and later to the Chicago Bears practice squad where he released in 2007.


Al Afalava

Photo Credit: espn.com

Al Afalava showed promising talent at a young age by first leading Kahuku High School’s football team to a 14-0 victory winning them the state title.  Afalava then went on to play as a safety for the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, and Tennessee Titans where he’s made a total of 73 tackles throughout his professional career.


Chris Naiole

Photo Credit: bigcatcountry.com

Christopher Kealoha Naeole first started his professional career in 1997 as a guard when he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints. In 2002 Naiole was then signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent.  During his 11 year professional career, Naiole started 150 games and only missed a single game.


Itula Mili

Photo Credit: staradvertiser.com

Itula Mili first joined the Seattle Seahawks in 1998 where he played as a tight end. Mili along with his team won the 2005 NFC Championship game and played in Super Bowl XL against the Pittsburg Steelers.  During his time with the team, the Seahawks had their best season in franchise history with a record of 13 – 3.


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April 17, 2019

Ka'a'awa Mo'olelo

Ka'a'awa Mo'olelo

Kauhi who was a demi god was a follower of the goddess Pele.  During her travels she stationed him on the island of Oahu on a cliff side in Ka’a’awa to watch over the land. One morning Hiiaka, the sister of Pele, was walking through the forest and came across Kauhi.  Upon seeing her, Kauhi longed to travel again as he did with Pele and pleaded with her to take him. Hiiaka didn’t wish to offend him and did her best to reconcile him while turning down his offer.  Enraged that she would perpetuate his continued imprisonment on the cliffs, with his full strength he lifted himself and tore away from the covering tree roots, earth, and rocks that embraced him until he came to a crouching position where he could move no longer.  To this day, you can still see a stone in Ka’a’awa resembling the shape of a man on all fours.


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April 16, 2019

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smarter


Amazon Echo Dot

Being very small and light weight an Amazon Echo Dot is one of the easiest ways to bring voice activated technology into your home.  This device is connected to the internet and can assist you in any questions you may have, turning on/off lights, playing music, and much more.

iClever Smart Plug

This smart outlet is used for much more than plugging in electronics, it’s used to enhance the ambience in your home.  Not only can the iClever smart plug create scents around your home it can also be programed to turn on or off based on various conditions including temperature, humidity, weather, pollution, etc. 

lifx Mini Smart Bulb

Do you have a habit of leaving the lights on? The Lifx Mini Smart Bulb may be for you.  This bub fits into a traditional light socket and can be paired with most smart home products to turn your lights on and off through a timer or by voice.

Roost Smart Battery

If you travel a lot it might be a good idea to pick up a Roost Smart battery.  Using this wifi connected battery with a smoke detector will allow you to get messages whenever the detector is activated.  One of the best features about this battery is a snooze button just in case you accidently set off the smoke alarm while cooking.

iGrill Mini

This device is perfect for any grill master or BBQ enthusiast.  The iGrill Mini is a thermometer with Bluetooth capabilities that will send a notification to your phone as soon as your steak is ready; just set and forget and have a perfect steak waiting for you when you return.

Google Chromecast

With movie high definition streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix it’s a disservice to your television if you’re only watching movies from DVDs. Google Chromecast is a cheep and easy way to stream 4k content from your phone, tablet or PC straight to your TV with no wires involved.


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