Luxury auctions are quickly becoming the next big way to buy unique properties. But what exactly are the benefits and why do people love them?  For one reason, it’s quicker than the traditional process. On top of that, luxury auctions provide fair pricing for both buyer and seller, making sure that the value of the property being passed on is well maintained. It makes the buying process just as exciting as if you were to go to any other auctioning process. 


As Staples Realty and Concierge Auctions strive to choose one of a kind, luxury homes, these properties are often highly valued and greatly appreciated without sitting empty. Through this process, within 60 days, most of these modern mansions can be sold and the key handed to the new owner! With a database of over 650,000 potential buyers and testimonials from many who have enjoyed this new style, it’s no wonder that luxury auctions are gaining popularity.


Staples Realty and Concierge Auctions provide the way for a headache-free, fun to try method for selling your home. Still have questions? Get in touch with Staples Realty through our website today!