Mice and Rats

All you need is a large glass or ceramic bowl and a half a cup of peanut oil and you can create a very effective mouse trap.  Mice and rats are attracted to the smell of the peanut oil and once they fall into the bowl they can't escape the slippery walls of the bowl.  




By putting a bowl of water next to a light you can eliminate a few hundred termites within minutes.  In the evenings, winged termites are highly attracted to light and end up flying into the water’s reflection.


Fruit Flies

An effective way to trap fruit flies is to fill a cup with a small amount of vinegar and jam then secure the top with plastic wrap and make small holes in it for the flies to enter.  Fruit flies eat rotting fruit so this trap is sure to attract them!


Yellow Jackets/Hornets/Wasps

To make an effective wasp trap you first have to get a plastic bottle (2L works best) then cut the top 1/4 off.  Place the top in the bottle as shown above and fill the bottle with sugar water.  You’ll be amazed at how effective this trap can be!



An easy way to catch and kill mosquitoes is to first build the wasp trap as explained above but instead of filling the bottle with sugar water, fill it with fresh water and yeast.  Mosquitoes can follow the scent of carbon dioxide that the yeast produces from over 20 ft. away then unknowingly fall into the water.  Alternatively you can also plant citronella which is a natural mosquito repellent.